• "The laboratory you select must be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks(AABB)... Under no circumstances should a third party be involved in the process of selecting a lab, scheduling the appointment, or any other process outlined in the next steps."

    U.S. Department of State
  • "Please be aware that many non-accredited businesses advertise on the Internet as being AABB-accredited. It is important to note that these "resellers" - who are not AABB-accredited - will claim to use an accredited lab for their testing. For the purpose of this request, samples collected from and comparative tests arranged through "resellers" will not be accepted. "

    USCIS - California Service Center
  • "The test must be performed directly through an AABB-accredited facility. Please visit the AABB website (ww.aabb.org) to find an accredited lab, which will also coordinate the testing of the claimed relative - if they reside overseas. Please be aware that many non-accredited businesses advertise on the Internet as being AABB-accredited. "

    USCIS - California Service Center
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Genealogy DNA Testing

In recent years, DNA technology has been applied to trace paternal, maternal, and ancestry heritage. The currently available genealogy DNA tests include the Y-STR DNA test that determines paternal lineage, the mtDNA test that determines maternal lineage, and the ancestry DNA tests that indicate one’s bio-geographic heritage.


Y-STR DNA is found on the Y chromosome, which exists among males only. It is passed along from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations, which can be used to determine relatedness along the paternal family line. The Y-STR DNA test examines the short tandem repeats (STR) at some selected DNA markers on the Y chromosome to see if there is a match between two tested male individuals. A match indicates inheritance through the paternal lineage. In other words, all male descendants from a common male ancestor will share the same Y-STR markers.

mtDNA Test

Unlike most DNA material, Mitochondria DNA (mtDNA) is not found in the cell nucleus. It is located in organelles called mitochondria. Mitochondria are normally inherited exclusively from mother to children. A mtDNA test examines the DNA sequences at certain locations on mitochondria to see if there is a consistent pattern between two tested individuals. A consistent pattern indicates inheritance through a maternal lineage.

Ancestry DNA Tests

Ancestry DNA testing tries to reveal a person’s genetic racial composition. The test results give an estimated percentage of ancestry inheritance from four major races: Caucasian, Sub-Saharan African, East Asian, and Native American. The test results of an individual may show that she or he is 85% Caucasian, 12% Native American, 3% of East Asian and 0% of Sub-Saharan African.

DNA Test Applications